A year of living with silent reflux…

After The Rain

Pretty in pink - party dress number one. Pretty in pink – party dress number one.

My bright and beautiful baby girl was one on Tuesday, which is obviously a cause of great celebration.

However, amid the fun of family parties, pretty dresses and a seemingly endless sea of pink, there is another milestone to acknowledge – reaching one means that she has been in almost constant pain for 365 days.

And that does something to a person, to a mother, to know that this life you created, this baby you struggled to conceive, has suffered.

When people ask ‘how has the first year been?’, I tell them, honestly, it has been ‘hard’ but that doesn’t seem to be the done thing. Some respond with sympathy and acknowledge that it has been a rough ride but others say things such as ‘well bringing up children is hard’ or ‘my baby cried a lot too’ and, even though I know it probably comes…

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