Baby Bounce and Rhyme

The summer holidays are over and after a long six weeks the bounce and rhyme sessions at my local library are starting again this week!! Hurrah!!  They are such good fun, they are usually a small class, which is good as my local library is a tiny tiny village one and what’s even better is it is free!

Boo always has a lovely time, dancing and playing with the rattles, I have even learnt some new nursery rhymes, which was handy as before Boo was born I knew very few, and out of those few half of them were the rude versions!!  It’s great because Boo gets so excited when I sing the songs from the class for her throughout the rest of the week, it’s nice  that someone, finally appreciates my singing!!

We have met some lovely mums and babies by going to this class and it is great to have an excuse (not that I needed another one) to go to my local library, I love going to the library, I have very fond childhood memories of visiting my local library and I hope Boo grows up loving the library too.  We always borrow lots of lovely books for Boo to read, smack and wave about for the next week until the next class.  This is great because it means she has access to so many more books than we could buy her.  We have been buying a few favourites and she really loves the drawings/colours in the Wilbur series of books.  These  books are some which I would never picked out for her from a book shop.

2014-07-08 08.02.27

The session run for half an hour and that’s a perfect length as it’s not too long so that Boo starts to get restless.  I have really missed going to these sessions over the summer holidays so I have been really looking forward to them starting up again.  There is not much free nowadays and so I do love to go to this session with Boo and support the local library.


2 thoughts on “Baby Bounce and Rhyme

  1. I was just thinking today ‘I wonder if Bounce and Rhyme (or Bounce and Grind as my mum once called it!) is back this week”. We have really missed it too although I have downloaded some of the rhymes on to my iPad so we’ve been having our own sing-a-long sessions 🙂

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