Sleep? What sleep?

Boo is teething.

Her two bottom middle teeth came through over a month ago (she got the first one on a Friday and the second one on the Saturday – that was a fun couple of day!) And now it seems she is getting one of the front top ones.  I can’t actually really tell as she won’t let me feel her gums, or rub teething gel on her gums, and she has decided she doesn’t like opening her mouth now either.

After, finally, getting some sort of night time sleeping sorted… I had a blissful week of her waking up only once a night for a feed between 12 and 1am, with two extra special nights of her sleeping through from her bedtime til 5.30am.  But that all stopped the night before last, just as I started to remember what evenings in front of the TV were like!! I almost made it to an adult bedtime!! For the past two nights, poor Boo has been suffering with her teeth and an on/off temperature and has been up 6 or 7 times each night, I feel like a zombie.  I can’t complain really, as I have had that good week to recharge my batteries and she really needed comforting and for the most part over the last few months she only wakes twice a night, so all in all things could be a lot worse.  I really wish I could have some caffeine right about now, but I am avoiding most caffeine (who could live without chocolate?) whilst I am still breastfeeding her, I don’t need a more awake Boo.

She has never been a good sleeper, and when at six months I spoke about her sleep with the health visitor I actually laughed (cried!) at the ‘average’ sleeping amounts for daytime and nighttime for babies. Hahahaha *sob sob sob*.  Boo has never slept near to those averages, so I am starting to wonder whose baby has stolen all of my babies sleep!! I was then informed by the health visitor that some babies are obviously outside of these averages and some babies just need less sleep than others…

Hi Mummy!!

Well, thanks for that! So here we have a baby who appears to not need sleep, and a mummy who loves her sleep and has, sadly almost forgotten what I good nights sleep is.  And lie-ins? I don’t even want to think about lie ins, they are what I dream about in those quick snatches of sleep I do manage to get in between Boo waking and my hubby snoring!

Snoring… don’t get me started on that… a massive slap in the face, I don’t really hear the actually noise I just hear a dull chorus of ‘I’m asleep and you’re not… laa laa laa laa laa laa’.

I think this last of sleep might be starting to drive me crazy … well crazier…


2 thoughts on “Sleep? What sleep?

  1. oh yes the lack of sleep is fantastic isn’t it? Not. Poor thing. Must be so awful teething but…very hard as a parent. My twins always seemed to be teething, and the relentless nights and days were hard work! However they do get past it and then you’ll feel a new woman again! She is very very cute though! x x

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