11 things I am really looking forward to sharing with my daughter

I am in no way wishing my daughter to grow up any faster, (the last eight months have flashed past!) but there are some things that I am really really looking forward to…
1. Her first day of school – seeing all the lovely photos of their not-so-babies in uniform looking all smart and proud doing the rounds at the minute has been really nice. I know I will probably have mixed feelings at the time but right now it’s something really exciting to look forward too in a far off kind of way.
2. When she starts walking, I am going to be so proud, and she is going to be able to get into so much more trouble, since she started crawling I already need eyes in the back of my head and about 8 pairs of hands!
3. Seeing how she will react to our kitten, he is arriving over the weekend and it will be really interesting to see what Boo makes of him.
4. Boo choosing her own first pet, both my hubby and I are big animal people and want to fill the house with lots of pets, especially as I will not be having any more children.
5. The first time Boo runs up and gives me a hug and a kiss.
6. The first picture she makes – It’s going to be up on the fridge and then framed!
7. Her first birthday – well, all of her birthdays, I have already started buying presents…
8. Her first Christmas – this falls not long after her first birthday but it is still going to be exciting, all those family traditions we can carry on and the new ones we can start as a family.
9. The first time she sings along to a nursery rhyme, or any song with me,
10. The first time she reads to me, I wonder what the book will be. (I already love reading her bedtime stories and I think this is something which is going to be more fun as she gets older and can understand more)
11. Every time she wakes up from a nap or for the morning because I know that we are going to have lots of fun, and I am treasuring each and every day with her.
The List

8 thoughts on “11 things I am really looking forward to sharing with my daughter

  1. This is lovely, I love whenever my little one hits a new milestone, I think the next one for us will be sitting unaided, I’m a little bit worried about crawling, the thought of her being on the move is rather scary!

    1. I was so excited when Boo started crawling and then I realised how much we needed to change to properly babyproof. She won’t sit still for 5 seconds. But the look on her face when she crawls to her goal under her own steam in priceless 😃

  2. I feel all warm and glow-y now! There’s things on the list that Reuben has done and I love them – when he runs for a cuddle and kiss, him ‘singing’ twinkle twinkle little star’ and ‘bananas in pyjamas’ is hilarious and you need a degree in baby language to understand what he’s saying, but it still makes me proud 🙂 thank you so much for linking it to #TheList xxx

    1. It’s all so exciting, there is just so much to look forward to. It was difficult to limit myself to a list of manageable size! Awww twinkle twinkle little star is one of my favourites!

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