Finding the positives in stopping breastfeeding

After writing my post Bye Bye Booby Juice I realised how sad I was about stopping breastfeeding Boo, so I have decided to cheer myself up and write a list of all the things I have to look forward to when I stop breastfeeding her.

1. Caffeine, caffeine, caffeine… woohoo, Cherry Coke and Proper Coffee!!I am avoiding caffeine for the most part, except for chocolate (I can’t live without chocolate) so I can’t wait until I can drink as much caffeine as I want, I was addicted to Cherry Coke and Dr Pepper before I got pregnant

2. Bras – Being able to wear nice decent bras, I HATE the nursing bras I have and can’t to wear all my lovely ones I have, and buy some new ones!

3. No more nursing pads – mine always seem to jump out of my bra even though they have the sticky bits, how does that work?

4. Being able to shower/get a bath without feeling like one of the fem-bots from Austin Powers shooting milk everywhere!

5. Did I mention Caffeine?

6. Not having to wear a vest top under everything in a vain attempt to prevent my stomach from being displayed to the world!

7. Not having to pick clothes because they have boob access

8. Not waking up covered in leaked milk… sexy!

Obviously these are all minor things, but it’s nice to have some positives to focus on! Ah I do feel a little better now =)

The List

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18 thoughts on “Finding the positives in stopping breastfeeding

  1. Love this post, I was so sad about finishing breastfeeding both times, but even more so with my second as I don’t know if we will have any more children now. But yes I was pleased to no longer have leaky boobs- that’s probably the worst! And to wear nice bras again! x

    1. Sometimes it’s difficult to find positives, but I am really glad I had a think and wrote this list It really did make me feel better! Thank you and Hannah @ Mums Days for hosting! Love #TheList

  2. Dude! I didn’t realise I would miss breastfeeding until it happened but I was so excited about being able to wear a dress…without having to take the whole thing off in a public toilet in order to feed was simply thrilling! But I totally get why you’re needing to write this list. I had to remind myself after it all stopped too 🙂
    Thanks for linking lovely, I’d forgotten what it was like and even sad/happy things are good to remember xxx

    1. I think it will be mixed feelings, but maybe in time, when we do finally start to wean maybe I will be more ready and feel more positive about everything. I just have to look back and thing that I did what I could. It’s good to know there is life after breastfeeding! Even if it means we no longer have an excuse to get naked in a public toilet! hehe.

    1. Thank you =) I think that’s very good advice, following gut feelings. I think it’s hard to follow maternal instincts about what’s best for your baby when everyone is giving advice, but mummys know!

  3. Breastfeeding has just recently stopped for us and I’m finding it hard to find the positives. Your list has helped me, although I’m not a fan of caffine all the rest apply 🙂
    I can’t wait to buy some new bras, and can go shopping for winter clothes and only have to think about if I like them not how easy access they are! Xx

  4. Good luck with stopping breastfeeding – it is quite sad when it comes to an end but this is a great list of positives. I stopped breastfeeding my eldest when I was pregnant with my second so my wardrobe was quite limited again although it was nice not to constantly think “can I feed in this?” every time I tried to pick an outfit or buy something new. I’m looking forward to not leaking and getting some new bras too when I eventually stop feeding my little one and am definitely going to go out and buy myself a nice dress and enjoy not worrying about boob access. Hope this list helps to keep you positive when you start weaning your little one from the breast x

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