Wicked Wednesdays – 17/09/14

The Lone Sock of Doom…

I was walking home from Baby Bounce and Rhyme, (which takes me about 20 minutes) when I got about 100 yards from my front door I realised that Boo had no socks on, which was strange because she should have had a lovely pair of socks on.  I looked behind me and about 50 yards up the road I can see one sock, this actual sock.  I walked all the way back to the library to check along the way for the other sock I even asked if we had left it there but no… so now I am just left with this… the one, lone sock of doom.



11 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesdays – 17/09/14

  1. Ha ha! Sounds familiar. To be honest, I’ve kind of given up on matching socks for Pumpkin. If she wants to wear matching socks, she can learn to stop taking them off when I’m not looking (that’s probably too much logic for a 7-month-old baby…) 🙂 To be fair, just as many seem to disappear in the wash…

  2. LOL! I have a massive collection of lone toddler socks. It’s such a pain that they don’t make sock-ons past the 18month size, which is when toddlers tend to get really good a undressing themselves!

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