Boo and the Kitten…

I recently posted about Our New Arrival a lovely little ginger and white kitten we decided to call Fuzz Lightyear.


Well, I am sad to say that it turns out that Boo has an allergy to cats, so we have had to find a new home for him. We only had him a week, and during the course of that week Boo started to show allergy symptoms which at first I thought could be teething/a cold but they just got worse and worse,so I had a sneaking suspicion that it may be a cat allergy. We took her to the G.P. who confirmed our suspicions, Boo is indeed allergic to cats (though he did point out that it was unusual for children under two to develop allergies). Luckily the lady who we had Fuzz from took him back that evening and a new home was found for him two days later.

I just wanted to post about how gorgeous and lovely he was. Totally sociable – he always wanted cuddles and purred happily just being sat on anyone! He was amazing with Boo, he never once scratched her, even though Boo was at times a little rougher with him than we liked.

It was amazing how quickly they got used to each other and how long Boo would spend shaking the cat toys about and watching Fuzz play.  It was lovely to watch them play together – mainly fighting over the same toys (or my boots!) And we were really happy that things were going so well. We really hoped Fuzz could provide Boo with company not just for right now but in the years to come.


I’m really sad that Boo has a cat allergy, but we had no choice, as I am not going to start Boo on any more medication even though the G.P. did give us that option. We will have to hope that she either grows out of it, or that she is not allergic to dogs too, as we have always hoped to get a dog for Boo when she is older.

I just wish I had taken more pictures of the two of them together.  And I am really grateful to my mum for coming over the next day to help me do a deep clean of the house to remove as much cat hair etc as possible.



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