Surprises – 0-9 months

Here are a few of the things which have surprised me most during Boo’s first 9 months…
1. It really is amazing how little sleep you can survive on. (and I really mean survive on, not be polite and civil on)
2. After the 6 months mark and we started weaning Boo, I now really miss pre-weaning dirty nappies… who would have thought I would miss those runny poo-explosions… but I do, well compared to what we have now!
3. CBeebies cartoons are actually more addictive to watch than I probably should admit… My current faves are Raa Raa & Bing.
4.  Mummy brain really does exist… I have gone out without locking the door, but the milk in the oven instead of the fridge, gone out and forgot baby wipes (scary times!) and there are probably hundred more thing but my brain has kindly forgotten them.
5. Sneezing is hilarious. As is coughing. I did not know this until Boo showed me the light!
6. The changing table we bought was a waste of money… I always change Boo on a changing mat on the floor,
7. I thought random people coming up and touching your bump would be a thing of the past  when you gave birth, it just gets transferred, am I the only one who doesn’t feel comfortable with total stranger coming up and grabbing at Boo?
8. Up to ten nappies a day… isn’t that what the advert says? Ten nappies… that’s a slow day for us!
9. Little fingernails are sharp! Wow, they can be serious weapons and they always seem to find delicate skin…. just under you eye for example, or necks.
10. Crawling is a super efficient way to get where you want to go, how fast!!!
11.  Mummy’s and Daddy’s phones taste nice, and no babies aren’t fooled by toy phone alternatives… they know!
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6 thoughts on “Surprises – 0-9 months

  1. Oh this is great! Teething nappies have to be the worst! bleugh! Mummy brain I hear you! I have left the car door wide open and gone into a shop. Left car keys on the roof and done a weekly shop and had lunch. Driven about 4 miles with my phone on the roof (and amazingly it stayed there). I fear for what I will do next 🙂 Thanks so much for linking to #TheList x

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