Review – Cherub Chews – Breastfeeding Necklace

I was lucky enough to win a competition ran by The Ls Mum with Burble Baby for tickets to the Manchester Baby and Toddler Show, which was amazing! Whilst there I, obviously, headed straight over the Burble Baby’s stand and found this lovely necklace by Cherub Chews.  I have actually been looking for a breastfeeding necklace for a while as Boo is getting more and more distracted especially whilst we are out and about and I needed something to bring her focus back to me so she can at least have a quick feed if she needs one.


I adore bright colours this rainbow necklace is perfect, the range of colours mean that it goes with practically any colour/outfit making it very versatile. I have had to stop wearing regular necklaces since having Boo as she is always trying to put them in her mouth or pulling really hard on them when I am holding/feeding her.  However she seems to be content to play with this necklace, and gently plays with the beads, or when she is sleepy just holds on the coloured beads while she is feeding.

The contrast between the hardness of the plain wooden beads and the softness of the crocheted beads is a great idea, and Boo loves to play with both the wooden beads and the crochet covered ones.  I also love the wood smell which the necklace has, and I am really glad I bought this one made of wooden beads as the smell just adds to the appeal of it.


As the packaging states everything in the necklace is non-toxic, eco-friendly, and sustainably sourced from within the EU which is great as I like to know where things have come from.

The adjustable cotton cord means that I can wear it at any length which again means it can go with many different styles tops, and also means that Boo can bite and chew on the beads when I am wearing it and she is sat one my knee or being carried, something which she loves to do.  I can only assume that chewing on the wooden beads is helping her with the discomfort she is getting from teething too as we have tooth number 5 on it’s way through.

I have only had this necklace a few days and already I love it and honestly wish I had bought one a lot earlier as it would have take a bit of the stress out of feeding a very easily distracted baby outside of the house, it was even enough to mean I could feed her in the absolutely jam packed Ikea restaurant on Sunday, something which would have been absolutely impossible before the necklace.


I love the necklace so much in fact I will definitely continue to wear it after Boo stops breastfeeding, I think it will be a special reminder of my breastfeeding journey with Boo and something which can be a very visual representation of it.

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17 thoughts on “Review – Cherub Chews – Breastfeeding Necklace

  1. I wish I had gotten a nursing necklace when my son was born. I just didn’t know about them! Now he’s almost done, so I keep figuring what’s the point. But, if we decide to have a third, (Lord help me), then I will most certainly get one of these! Thank you for sharing!

  2. What gorgeous colours! I’ve had a few necklaces for feeding and although we’ve stopped feeding now I still wear them as Amy does love to pull at them!
    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested this week x

    1. I will definitely be wearing this one after Boo stops breastfeeding I love it. I think it’s one of those things where I would have bought it as a necklace, just for me, so the fact that Boo can play with it and chew on it is a bonus really

  3. So lovely and colourful! I like the different textures too for keeping a curious baby’s interest… Arthur *had* settled down with the fiddling whilst feeding but he’s started to get much more fidgety again. One of these might be just the job 🙂

  4. Lovely post. I really like the picture of you using it, it makes more sense why people use them now. I’ve written about them this week on #BFingDiaries, and I don’t think I’ll be reviewing one any time soon! Would love to hear how your getting on with it now you’ve had it a bit longer. Thanks for linking up with #BFingDiaries

    1. Is it breastfeeding diaries time already? Wow the weeks just flash past! We are still getting on well with it! Had a read of your post and replied =D
      And thank you for hosting #BFingDiaries there are always amazing post to read there.

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