Time… where does it go?

Since having Boo in December 2013 I have found that time does strange things, I am not sure if it is because Boo is having some weird effects on on the timespace continuum or something? Time has sped up by about 1000%.  When I was younger December used to last for ages, I mean how many windows are there in an advent calendar?  A lot more than 24 when you are a child.  But now it seems like I haven’t turned around twice and Boo is already 9 months old.  I cannot believe how quickly a year has passed, I am soon back at work (cue tears – from me) and I am already thinking about Boo’s birthday and 2nd Christmas… 2nd!!

2013-12-24 11.04.53

For her first Christmas she was less than two weeks old, she looks so tiny I can’t believe the changes already.


I have also noticed that as well as time speeding by it also disappears, in large chunks…. what I am describing definitely feels like aliens are at work here! Days disappear in between naps, feeds, nappy changes and mealtimes, even a day which starts at 5.30am seems to have disappeared before I finish my first decaf coffee, (I say finish I mean throw away the remaining cold half at about 2pm because I have forgotten about it).

I wonder if it’s an age thing, now that I am nearing 30… shhhh! I have heard people complain that time speeds up as you get older, but I never thought it would be so apparent. My working week seemed to last forever before I had Boo, and it felt like I was pregnant with her for at least 9 years, but my labour seemed to last 5 minutes (it was 12 hours but if felt like 5 mins).

I am not complaining, I am just marveling at the wonder of how having a baby can fill your life so much that you don’t notice at the weeks and  months slip by, it is little wonder we all feel they grow up too fast.

Does the speed of time increase when you have more children I wonder? Does it slow back down when they start nursery or when you start back at work?

Boo is definitely a time bandit, (oh how I love that film)!  And I know I have to treasure everything single day as they flash past in a blur!


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