Review – Safe Baby Handling Tips Book

This was a present from my brother and his wife when Boo was born.  It’s really funny and gives you a good laugh in those hazy newborn days of no sleep and endless nappy changes. The book is obviously not meant to be taken seriously but it is seriously funny. The simple diagrams give you a plain how to and how not to guide to dealing with a newborn, covering everything from feeding, lifting and changing your little bundle of joy!


The book includes ‘The Wheel of Responsibility which claims to keep parents ‘fair, honest and un-divorced’ I don’t know about that because I totally believe the wheel is weighted and lands on Mom far more often than Dad!! Because the book is cardboard as Boo has got older we have started letting her play with it, supervised of course and she loves to spin the wheel, and she wins every time!

A few of my favourite pages are;


Just in case you needed any guidance! Breastfeeding can be tricky!



Oh cot TV’s what an amazing idea! If only!



Don’t pick baby’s nose! Who would have guessed!



Can you imagine! Yukyukyuk!! This one make me spit my tea out the first time I saw it!



Just in case anyone was wondering!



Definitely vital advice which should be followed at all costs!

I think this book is great and so very funny, and I think it’s a great idea for a present for any friends/relatives who are soon to be first time parents, my husband and I have a laugh reading it as did everyone we showed it to.



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