Where does the time go?

It’s been an insanely busy couple of weeks, and I cannot believe how fast the last month of my maternity leave is going, I go back to work two weeks today! Scary.  I seem to have so much to do, and no time to do it in.

I haven’t even had chance to post here much which has made me feel a bit sad.

I am spending as much time as I can with Boo and we have had a big milestone over the weekend, on Saturday she took her first step!! I was so excited!! And so proud. Since Saturday we have had lots more single steps and a lot more of Boo standing on her own without holding on to anything and even a video of her stood in the middle of the floor clapping =)

Such a happy time, and I cannot explain how happy I feel that I was there to witness Boo’s first step, I would have been devastated if I had missed her first step because she took it while at nursery.

I honestly cannot believe how fast my maternity leave has gone (do I sound like a stuck record yet?) A year a whole year, that used to last ages and ages, it used to last, well a whole year!!


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