Boo’s First Shoes!

Today was a very exciting day, as Boo got measured for her first pair of shoes!! She has had shoes but they are only worn in the pram/carrier to keep her feet warm not to be walking about in, we have left her barefoot/in socks to get used to walking about since she took her first step on the 1st November.

We met daddy for lunch and went to Clarks to be measured.  Boo is a size 3f!  She looked so proud stood in the shop and had a little walk about.

IMG_2616 (2)


All of those tiny tiny shoes were soooo very cute and it was difficult to decide which of the pairs to get. But we decided on these lovely Little Poppy shoes

It’s so nice that they take a photo as a keepsake and write down the date and measurement so you can keep a record. Things that will definitely be going in to Boo’s memory box when the hubby finally gets round to make one.


Today was definitely one of those  warm and fuzzy proud mummy moments! I can’t believe she is toddling about and looking so grown up.


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14 thoughts on “Boo’s First Shoes!

  1. What a lovely milestone moment and hopefully the first of a lifetime of fab shoes! A girl can never have too many!! Thanks for linking in #mamastylelinky x

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