Review – Grosuits

We have been using grobags for Boo to sleep in on a night for quite a few months, and I find them great a Boo is a right wriggler and kicks of blankets and the  wakes up cold.  So when the weather turned colder I decided to buy some grosuits so that Boo’s arms don’t get cold.

I ordered two grosuits from their website.  I ordered them late Sunday and I was pleasantly surprised that they arrive with the post on Tuesday!


The grosuits are just like sleepsuits but with the arm quilted, this is really good as I did worry once the weather started to turn that Boo would get cold arms.  We ordered them in a size up from the clothes that Boo normally wears so that she would be comfortable on a night and that they would last until the end of the winter.




They are really well made, and the arms are quilted but not too thick that they prevent movement.  They do keep Boo’s arms nice and warm even if the room gets a bit chilly and we don’t have to have her in lots of layers so that she would get too warm overall.  I really like design of the grosuits, they match a couple of the grobags that we have (I am a sucker for a matching set of things!)

The pack of two cost me just over £10 which I think is really good value for money, as I have paid not much less than that for a couple of ordinary sleepsuits.

I would definitely recommend the combination of a grobag/grosuit combination especially if you have a wiggley baby who likes nothing better than to escape their blankets.


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