All I want for Christmas…

Things I would like for Christmas 2014 (but that can’t be wrapped and put under the tree!)

1.  A little bit more sleep… Boo still doesn’t sleep through the night, I honestly though we would be sleeping through at least some nights by now (as she is a year old) but no, so this is something I really want to work on after the madness of Christmas.

2. More Me Time… I really need to make the effort and find the time for me, (a long bubble bath without Boo and a million toys for example) my husband keeps telling me I need to make time for me, and I never quite manage it so this is what I am going to give myself for Christmas!

3. Redecorate and Rearrange the House… So that it is easier to keep tidy, we have too much stuff (toys) and not really enough storage space to keep it all in, so more storage and a good sort out I think!

4. Messy Play/Baking/etc … I want to find more time to do this with Boo, we made Christmas Cards and it was so much fun, and most importantly Boo loved it! So I definitely want to make the time to make a mess on a regular basis (ok maybe number 3 might not happen!)

5. Rush about less… I want to be able to enjoy what Boo, the hubby and I are doing, not be thinking about the million things that are next on the list, I want to take the time to be in the now, and worry less about everything…


Fingers crossed Father Christmas is reading this list!!


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