New Years Resolutions 2015

Well it’s that time of year again, where I wake up on the 1st January feeling different, more energy ready to stick to my resolutions and change my life for the better… Oh wait no Boo woke me up and 6am and I feel tired and I wish I could go back to bed!


But here goes… my list of resolutions I actually want to stick to this year (I give myself til mid February and they are all going to be broken, but it’s the thought that counts right!) In no particular order…

1. Eat less crap and more healthy stuff… and I mean actual real fruit… not fruit flavoured things… Terry’s chocolate oranges left over from Christmas do not count as one of my 5 a day! Drink more water and juice and less fizzy drinks… I am addicted to fanta orange at the minute.

2. Get out more – I want to go for a walk, or go somewhere (that is not the local shop for chocolate) every day with Boo.

3. Make the time to blog, I felt like I made a good start and then December happened, with Birthdays, Boo being poorly and in hospital and then Christmas and visiting I just didn’t get the chance to blog, and when I did get 5 minutes to myself I just wanted to sit on the sofa and stare at the TV like a zombie!

4. Use my time wisely… the time I get for myself I want to use it to do more, more than stare at the TV like a zombie, I want to read (I have an ever growing pile of books which I really want to read, I want bubble-baths, etc.

5. Try to keep on top of the housework more… This is a tough one, I hate doing the dishes and always seems to find a reason to put off doing them…

6. Keep to the food budget… I am forever forgetting things and then having to go back to the shops for more food that we need (and then end up buying even more stuff we don’t need) I want to make my list and stick to it for a weekly shop.


Boo Related Resolutions

1. Stop night feeds… Boo is a year old now and I really think it’s best for both me and her that we stop the night feeds, we have been working on it over the Christmas holidays a little and we have had a couple of nights without feeds, but then going away to visit family has kind of set us back to square one again, so now we need to get back on track.

2. Naps – I want to sort out naps, my husband is now able to get Boo to sleep for her daytime naps (without feeding) and I have had some on and off success, I want Boo to have all her daytime naps without being fed to sleep… My husband is back at work tomorrow so that will be the test to see. (We do exactly the same thing but Boo settles for my husband and shrieks like a banshee for me… )

3. More mess… Now what Boo is a bit older I want to set aside the time to make a mess, painting, water, sand, bubbles, mud in the park, general mess just something a bit out of the ordinary,

4. More reading, I read to Boo everyday but I want to try to do a few short reading times rather than just the one, and maybe try to get a bedtime story into the bedtime routine.


So there are my resolutions, here’s hoping I stick to them!

I hope everyone has a amazing 2015 and achieves everything they want to achieve and all their wishes come true!


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13 thoughts on “New Years Resolutions 2015

  1. Great resolutions – good luck with them. Keeping on top of the housework and stopping night feeds are on my mental list too – made a start last night when Sophie was awake at 2am – kept putting her back down in her cot, took a while but she did eventually sleep. Currently planning on being firm on no feeds between 1am and 6am and will try and gradually move towards stopping at midnight and hopefully earlier. Happy new year! 🙂

    1. Happy New Year!
      Oh I feel so mean not giving night feeds though, but we managed a boob free night last night from bedtime at 8pm til 6.15am so I am feeling like something must be working (though i nearly had a bit of a wobble at 4am when Boo was up for half an hour but I held strong!)
      Hope your nights are feed free soon! =)

  2. I think we have EXACTLY the same new year’s resolutions (for me and my children!) although only one of them is fed to sleep at the moment. I’m going to follow your progress with interest as I’d love to wean her off night feeds, but worried 10 months is a little young? Please keep us all updated with posts on how it’s going! p.s im also addicted to Fanta, but the lemon one yuuuuuum x

    1. Oh I am glad someone else had the same resolutions!
      My HV has been telling me that Boo should have been weaned off night feeds from 6 months but she definitely wasn’t ready at 6 months, (I don’d know if it’s linked to her silent reflux or not) but I would say that it was only at 10/11 months that I feel Boo was ready, she started to go longer herself without feeding and would without too much persuasion go back to sleep without a feed in the middle of the night every now and again. So much easier now I am following Boo’s lead rather than feeling bad for not doing what I had been told I should be doing!
      Ah Fanta! ❤

  3. I can relate to loads of your resolutions! I hope the first week has gone well 🙂

    Thanks for linking up to #Theilst xx

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