So I braved the scales

I am not sure if I was feeling brave or just plain stupid this morning but I figured it would be a good idea to jump on the scales (step tentatively with one eye closed) and see where the magical numbers stopped…

I have already decided to make some changes to my diet and lifestyle as part of my New Years resolutions as I have been feeling like I have been letting so many things slide, and my intake of chocolate at times is just plain crazy!

I feel like I have also used the fact that I am breastfeeding Boo, not as an ‘excuse’ but possibly as a justification to eat probably more than I should do/need to… Not all bad things mind, I do try to eat well I just eat more than I should.

Anyway I weigh now, exactly the same as I did before I became pregnant with Boo, which is good in some ways, but bad in others as I probably should lose a few pounds to be more healthy. So I am going to try, slowly to lose some weight and to become a bit healthier (I think now that Boo is walking I will be chasing after her before long!).

I hope to share a bit of my journey here as a means of encouraging myself so that I don’t just slip back in to old habits.  So, no more party food! And more healthy stuff…IMG_3118

Boo didn’t really see impressed with the cucumber part of her starter for on Christmas Day…I know exactly how she feels….



8 thoughts on “So I braved the scales

    1. Thank you, I feel like I am ready, whereas before now I didn’t really feel like I really wanted to/could be bothered, but I turn 30 this year and I feel like it really want to/need to make changes for the better!

  1. I can’t remember the last time I weighed myself. Currently without a pair of scales in the house – I’m going to have to buy some as my New Year’s Resolution is to lose at least two stone. (Argh.) Need to know what my starting weight is, really! Got a rough idea but that’s it!

    1. It’s difficult isn’t it? Scales definitely feel like a necessary evil for me right now, I wish I didn’t even need to think about them, I could go off how I feel and clothes but I think the numbers will help me to stick to it!
      Good luck with your resolution!

    1. I wish I didn’t have to bother with them, it is just a number after all and I should go more on how I feel, but to start with I think the numbers will help me on the discipline front!

    1. You are wiser than I am!!
      Though the only full length mirror is on my landing upstairs and it is like one of those madhouse fun mirrors… one that makes you look MASSIVE… I was about 7 months pregnant when we got it and I saw myself in it from the side and cried and cried….
      And thanks!

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