2015 Bucket List

I saw a year long bucket list idea on WhatTheRedheadSaid for 2014, most recent post here. And I think it is such a amazing idea that I have decide to create a 2015 bucket list of my own in the hope that I can pack as many fun things in to 2015 as I can =)

Take Boo to the Pantomine (Christmas)
Go Ice Skating with the Hubby
Read at least 12 books (for me)
Boo to meet her half brothers for the first time
Take Boo to build a bear
Take Boo to the seaside for the first time
Take Boo swimming for the first time
Learn to drive
Introduce Bedtime Story in to Boo’s bedtime routine
Go to the cinema with the Hubby
Make a book advent calendar for Boo for December
Bake Boo’s 2nd Birthday Cake

I am not sure how much of this list will get done, I hope everything and I may add things in that I have forgotten and desperately want to add, I will try to remember to update this post throughout the year.


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