#LittleLoves 1

New Year and a lovely new linky discovery =D

I really love the idea of this linky… so here goes…

I have too many books in my too read pile, but I have been reading lots of blog posts this week and lots of books to Boo.  My favourite to read to her this week (and always) is On the night you were born, it always bring a happy tear to my eye.

Currently watching Farscape with the hubby on a night, just one episode, he bought be the full series on bluray for my birthday, so far we are on season two. Also saw Frozen for the first time yesterday and I really enjoyed watching it and Boo seemed to like it, she stopped and danced to the songs anyway!

Mainly wear in jeans and Christmas is no different, I did wear my shiny pink Dr Martens to a family meal which was nice as I usually just live in my walking boots.

My favourite song at the minute is Outside by Calvin Harris/Ellie Goulding I love that song and could have it on repeat!

Christmas Cards for family and friends with Boo … it was so much fun, if not a bit messy. I left it a bit late and some of them only just arrived in time!



And Lastly…

I am really enjoying playing with Boo and all her new Christmas presents especially the Mega Bloks






8 thoughts on “#LittleLoves 1

  1. I love Farscape. My husband told me that they were either making a new series of a new film off it, but it will be centred around his son. I do hope it happens! This is my first time linking too, I look forward to following your adventures x #littleloves

  2. We’ve watched Frozen 4 times in the past week and my little man has been glued. Good job I love it as much as he seems to! xx

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