Boo says….

I must so I am so excited about a new linky From the Mouth of Babes hosted by the lovely Louise over at LittleHeartBigLove.  It is such a great idea, and even though Boo isn’t really speaking more than a few words I already have ideas for a few posts and I am sure Boo will provide me with the subject matter for many more soon enough!

I am also linking up with Jaime at The Oliver’s Madhouse and the wonderful Magic Moments Linky, there are always so many great posts to read here.

And finally, I am sharing a smile with The Crumby Mummy’s Share a Smile linky, which is helping us stay positive =D

So here goes!

Boo was being grumpy, and would’t settle, she didn’t want to sit with me, she didn’t want to sit with my hubby, and she didn’t want to be set down.  So I asked her if she could say ‘Mardy Bumbiddy’ which is what I call her when she is being like this, and without missing a beat she said… ‘Mama!’ The cheek!!


Boo 1 : Mummy 0

She is going to be so cheeky I just know it!


Little Hearts, Big Love



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18 thoughts on “Boo says….

  1. offence…she looks cheeky! 🙂
    My favourite one is whgen he kisses mky wofe all over her face (Kisses all over). When I ask if I can have kisses all over, he says “No, cos daddy’s got a beard”
    I can’t argue with that logic! lol


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