Boo’s shopping list 2015

Now what Boo’s birthday and Christmas are past I have got a list of things I want to buy Boo, just things that I will probably buy her over the course of the year, she got vouchers/money for some of her presents and so I will be putting the money away and spending the vouchers on things I think she needs/wants – I am pretty sure I am addicted to shopping for things for her!

I have already been out and bought her a trampoline and Vtech’s Cora the Smart Cub in the sales. Both of which were definitely good buys.

1. A Trunki Toddlepak – now that Boo is walking and wants to walk everywhere rather than sit in the pram, and refused too hold hands! I think this will be a great thing, I like the idea of the two different ‘settings’ on the reigns. I have read a fair few reivews of this and only heard good things.

2. HappyLand Toys – I really wanted to get Boo some HappyLand toys for Chirstmas but I had kind of blown my budget on other things so I will be getting her some for Easter I think, I have my eye on the Zoo and the Farm.

3. Some Cartoon Dvds – now that Boo is a little more into the TV, she started to giggle at it several times yesterday I would like to get her some more cartoon dvds so that we can watch what we want when we want.  I am thinking disney movies (I own some, and Boo was lucky enough to get Frozen from her grandparents for Christmas) and possibly some others, I need to have a look properly.

4. A Pair of  Shoes – from Clarks, Boo currently has some of the cruising shoes with the very flexible soles, because when we got her them at the end of November she wasn’t totally confident walking around yet, and they didn’t have any of the walker styles I liked in a 3. So I think in the next couple of weeks we will be taking her back to get measured and get her a walker pair, especially now that she is walking around a lot more outside.

5. Dresses – Now that Boo is walking I would like to get her some more dresses/tights.  She hasn’t really worn them recently as she got annoyed catching them if she needed to crawl.

6. A waterrpoof jacket and wellies… I have been looking for a while for a jacket for Boo, but I can’t seem to find one that I like, looking online isn’t really helpful because I like to be able to feel what they are like.  And wellies for puddle stomping – obviously a must!!

I am sure that this list will get even longer as the year progresses but that will do for now!!


The List

5 thoughts on “Boo’s shopping list 2015

  1. I am not thinking of buying the toddlepak too. As my 2 year old does not like holding hands either
    wellies is another thing but anything weird he’s freaked out by that’s why he always wears trainers and one pair of Clark’s shoes. #TheList

    1. I think I will get a lot of use out of the toddlepak, I think that Boo will be the type to try to make a run for it when we are out and about!
      Children can be so strange can’t they, Boo hates the feel of tinsel! She didn’t even go near the tree, maybe I should wrap all the stuff she shouldn’t go near in tinsel!

  2. So sweet!! I love shopping for Reuben too but I do try and restrain a wee bit due to space issues. When we move though…! What Trunki did you get?! I’d like to get Reuben one but still haven’t got around to it 🙂

    Thanks for linking up love! #TheList xxx

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