#Little Loves 2

I am linking up with ButWhyMummy for this post, and her fabulous #LittleLoves linky.  It’s such a lovely post to write, thinking about the headings and it really is a positive start to the weeked, I am looking forward to doing this on a weekly basis.

I am still searching for some ever elusive time to an actual book for me, but this week I have read, Boo’s summary from her days at nursery.  It’s so nice to see what she has been up to and what she had eaten and it nice to see that instead of 1/2 there are full smiley faces next too all the meals and snacks because she is actually eating more solid foods now.

Bodyshockers – this popped up in My Shows on the TiVo box, I didn’t even know it was back on, the series link must have carried over.  I really like Katie Piper, and it’s so interesting to see her try to dissuade people from making mistakes, or at least just get them to really consider things.  It’s not really the type of programme I usually watch but it was really good.

My new Rohan socks which I got for Christmas, they are so comfy and bright pink! Can’t go wrong. And they go so well with the new walking boots I got for Christmas too =)

Boo laughing at the television for the first time, and I actually managed to capture it on video, it is the best sound ever! That video makes me smile every time I watch/hear it.

An effort to get out of the house more (and not just to the shops for chocolate as I wrote about in my New Year’s Resolutions. And it has made me feel a lot better, all the fresh air, or achieving my goal for my first week I don’t know but it really has made me feel better.

And Lastly…
I love my family, it was great to spend Christmas with them and it has really highlighted how much we all miss each other when work and life in general mean we can’t spend as much time together as we would like, but my brother and his wife are moving closer to our house and my mum’s house (who only lives 5 minutes away from me) so we will get to see each other a lot more =D



16 thoughts on “#Little Loves 2

  1. You have reminded me to watch Bodyshockers! Really enjoyed the first series..Totally agree with you about missing family time when everything returns to normal!! #littleove

  2. Yay for Boo laughing at the tv. There is no better sound than a child’s giggle. It’ll be nice to have your family close by, we are moving away from ours for work and I’m not sure how I feel about it #littleloves

    1. There really is no better sound! Every time I listen to/ watch that video it just brightens up the whole day.
      Oh that’s not nice, I used to live abroad and it was not nice to be so far away from everyone.

  3. I think I would like bodyshockers, will look out for that for when hubby is at work! I’m glad that your brother is moving closer, my mum lives 2 hours away and my sister 3 hours away and its not the nicest 😦

  4. Lovely that your brother is moving closer! I have just moved to 40 mins drive from my sisters, there used to be 2 hours between us, and it’s lovely! Wish I was even closer! x

  5. Well done for getting out of the house more, we don’t even have any little ones but find it so easy just to shut ourselves in the flat. So lovely that your family are all moving closer, hope you you all love it 🙂 xx

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