Living Arrows 1/52

I am a little late with this one, but this is a linky I have been wanting to join in with so here goes…

It’s been a strange week for us, not quite back to the normal routine after Christmas but then not the total relaxation of Christmas either.

Boo has been getting used to all her new toys and a bit of change-around in the Living Room, I think she loves her new trampoline though!

Who needs a chair when you can watch TV standing on the trampoline!



Boo then became a bit of a daredevil and decided she would rather show off her stunt skills then watch TV!

Cuddles! I think the trampoline has become a firm favourite. 

It was so lovely to watch Boo discover, play and love her new toy.  It was like we could see her developing as the days went by.  I can’t wait so watch her spend more time with her trampoline and see how else she learns to use it.

Living Arrows

7 thoughts on “Living Arrows 1/52

    1. Hehe thanks, ah those toys are the best, Boo got all of her mega bloks for Christmas and I love building her things so that she can demolish them, she has such fun!

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