Project 365 – Days 4 – 10

More photographs this week, its been easy to remember to take at least one photo a day, I don’t know what it is but I am finding myself reaching for the camera more, almost without thinking about it.  This makes me really happy, and I just think about all the amazing moments I am going to capture forever!

4. Enjoying a walk to the shops! It was cold but so nice to get out in the fresh air!


5. Red cheeks and a dinner all over her face but happy =)



6. Boo is so cute when she is sleeping, and now that she is sleeping without having to be fed to sleep she is sleeping better too.



7. I turn my back for a second and Boo has followed me outside! No better place to sit than the wet ground!



8. A poorly sleepy Boo have cuddles from mummy.



9. Why play with 1 toy when you can play with 4!



10. Teething face… slightly too close to the camera! Boo really wanted her photo taken! (Wish I had managed to get both of her eyes in the photo though)




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25 thoughts on “Project 365 – Days 4 – 10

      1. They’re like little rockets. Mine just discovered spinning and was doing laps around his blanket today haha. I can never get him and his big sister to sit together unless they’re in high chairs.

  1. Lovely photos, she is such a cutie. Could you ask her to have a word with my youngest about falling asleep without mummy!! (hence the commenting at 1.40am)

    1. Oh dear, I am not sure it would do much good, as she doesn’t seem to be totally in love with the idea yet! Apparently when my husband goes in sometimes she sighs!

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