When Boo naps…

There are thing I can only do when Boo is sleeping or when the hubby is home, they just don’t get done while she is awake, I thought I would list them here, and maybe I need to plan how I am going to do them when she drops down to one nap a day or when she stops naps altogether (I know we have a while yet but still!).


Trouble causer? Who me?IMG_3279

1 Drink a hot drink, hot. (ah the simple things)

2. Use the laptop, for shopping, blogging, emails, more shopping.  Boo seems to find it offensive if I attempt to use the laptop in her presence, so I have to fit in in around naps and after she has gone to bed.

3. Read a book (for me) this gets the same reaction at the laptop, angry Boo, I hope she decides she likes books in the future and doesn’t remain Boo the Destroyer of Books.

4. Wash the dishes … ok so this one is me, I hate doing the dishes, Boo doesn’t mind she will play or watch or sit in her highchair and pelt raisins at me for fun, but I lie and pretend to myself that they can’t be done because Boo doesn’t like it…

5. Watch TV without the subtitles on… maybe I am going deaf in my old age or Boo is just really REALLY noisy but I can’t seem to hear ‘proper’ TV (any channel that isn’t CBeebies) without the subtitles.

6. Have a long soak in a bubble bath… this is reserved for when either the hubby is at home to watch Boo or Boo is in bed, but as her bedroom is next to the bathroom I do worry about the noise of the running water waking her up, she is a very light sleeper.

7. Tidy Up… and things staying tidy for more than 2 seconds… maybe the chaos will eventually mean that all the toys end up in their places just through the laws of probability? It’s got to happen somewhere right?

8. Eat Chocolate without having it stolen… I think Boo has had some training to be a ninja, she is super fast at stealing chocolate, even from inside your mouth, while you are chewing it!


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12 thoughts on “When Boo naps…

  1. Ah yes, I can definitely identify with this list! I have been known to hide in the kitchen and sneakily use the laptop for a couple of minutes when making dinner (whilst the girls are distracted with CBeebies!)

  2. Rose can’t stand it when I go on the laptop, she climbs all over me. Safe to say I do most of my blogging at night time, like right now! xx

  3. Haha I can totally relate!! My little one is almost two and her naps are getting shorter and shorter… I’m scared!! Enjoying nap time while I can 🙂

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