Project 365 – Days 11 – 17

It’s been a strange week for us this week, and I have been ill, so on day 11 I took a solitary photo, which was lucky in some ways, but I feel sad about in others as it is not a picture of Boo and I wanted to take a year of Boo photos, but it’s Boo related so I will just have to live with the blip and cut myself some slack as I was pretty much bedridden that day.


11. Having a cuddle with daddy, and seizing the change to have a quick nibble on the zip of his top! Multitasking at it finest!



12. Delivery for Boo… I love getting parcels, especially when the contain a lovely new waterproof coat for Boo! Helped to brighten up the day as I was poorly and feeling very sorry for myself!



13. Boo spent a good 20 minutes running around with two fistfuls of mini gingerbread men which she had stolen! slowly eating some of them, dropping some of them and the when only one partial gingerbread man remained, inspecting it in minute detail.



14. Finally we have some hair! Boo’s gorgeous soft lovely hair, adorable!



15. Fun at the park, even when it’s cold it can still be lots of fun (in her new coat – which kept her so warm she kept taking her gloves and hat off!)15


16. The best place to store food for later… is in your hair!16


17. Boo loves sitting on or messing about with this been bag, and it is the perfect place to sit and watch Daddy whilst eating a biscuit.

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