Boo’s favourite word at the minute is Hiya! She says it all the time.  If she sees anyone she recognises,  or walks in to the room you are in, or someone new arrives, she waits baited breathe looking at the door to the hallway from the living room to shout hiya at whoever arrives or if the phone rings, or she is just in a good mood she will say (and then yell) hiya! repeatedly until you say hiya back. She always has a great big smile on her face when she is saying it.  We get other words too, like hiya dadda or hiya mamma or hiya some lovely musical sounds.  It’s lovely that she is wanting to interact with the world around her, and her face just lights up when you reply.

If the phone rings she will hold whatever is in her hand at the time up to her ear and shout hiya (I am wondering if I talk to loud when I am on the phone!) or if I am on the phone she will just shout hiya until someone acknowledges her, at least we know she is determined to be heard!


I can’t wait to see which new words Boo learns next and what her next favourite word will be (fingers crossed it isn’t No!) It’s so exciting to see hear learn not only the meaning of words but also how to use them herself.  It truly is magical.


Little Hearts, Big Love


15 thoughts on “Hiya!

  1. It’s so sweet when they start talking! Can’t wait for my almost one year old baby to start chatting – his two sisters were early talkers but you never know 😉 #FMOB

  2. Awww. It’s so lovely when they start to talk and “hiya’ is a great word to be shouting at everyone – she must be very sociable! #ftmob

  3. Oh that’s adorable, especially coupled with Mummy and Daddy and I love that she stops to ‘talk’ on the phone and say ‘hiya’ too. Sophie used to say ‘hiya’ a lot too although now says ‘hello’ instead but she gets excited about it too. Love seeing little ones as they develop language skills. Thank you for linking up again with #ftmob 🙂

  4. Stopping by from #Fromthemouthsofbabes link up. She is adorable. Wait till she starts talking. Pretty soon you will wish for a bit of quiet.

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