About Me

I am currently on maternity leave, looking after my daughter, who is currently 9 months old.  This is the best ‘job’ I have ever had. We have so much fun every single day.   For the purposes of this blog I have decide to refer to my daugher as Boo, this is not her real name but a nickname which I use for her.  Luckily for me she loves to have her photo taken, so I hope to share lots of the photos of her!



Feeling a little bit boring as I have no idea what to write here yet!! I have started to blog to give me something to do in my spare time (not quite sure where this spare time is hiding since my daughter  has been born.)  I am new to blogging, instagram, twitter and the whole online community thing, but I am reading other blogs and finding my way around, slowly.  I have discovered so many amazing blogs in the past couple of months, it’s quite overwhelming.

I live with my husband and my daughter in a small town in the UK, we recently moved here Scandinavia, (I moved over there from the UK a few years before)  I love having my hair dyed different colours and it’s currently pink!

I like to read, play board games with my family, Pictionary anyone?, watch Sci Fi movies and series, I am currently working my way through Stargate SG1 with my husband, epic series.  I have also recently discovered a love of shopping, but mainly for baby clothes and toys!!




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