Living Arrows – 2/52



Sleep has been on short supply since Boo was born, she suffered with colic and still suffers with Silent Reflux so at times she can be very unsettled.  So since Boo was born she has never slept though the night, and for the longest time would only be fed to sleep for both naps and on a night time.

Recently though we started to make a bit of progress (as Boo can’t be fed at nusery as I am not there!) and Boo started to go to sleep for her day time naps without needed to be fed.  And Boo also started to go longer on a night without feeds and then had some nights where she didn’t feed from bedtime until morning, even though she did still wake up a couple of times a night.

This is great because it means that my husband and I can share the night time wakings, though as Boo has been poorly on and off since late November we haven’t totally cracked the no-night-feeds yet, (and the second picture is Boo sleeping on me because she was poorly) but we are hopefully things will become even better soon. So these are my pictures to mark the big positives steps Boo has taken, meaning that we all get a bit more sleep.

Living Arrows

Living Arrows 1/52

I am a little late with this one, but this is a linky I have been wanting to join in with so here goes…

It’s been a strange week for us, not quite back to the normal routine after Christmas but then not the total relaxation of Christmas either.

Boo has been getting used to all her new toys and a bit of change-around in the Living Room, I think she loves her new trampoline though!

Who needs a chair when you can watch TV standing on the trampoline!



Boo then became a bit of a daredevil and decided she would rather show off her stunt skills then watch TV!

Cuddles! I think the trampoline has become a firm favourite. 

It was so lovely to watch Boo discover, play and love her new toy.  It was like we could see her developing as the days went by.  I can’t wait so watch her spend more time with her trampoline and see how else she learns to use it.

Living Arrows