When Boo naps…

There are thing I can only do when Boo is sleeping or when the hubby is home, they just don’t get done while she is awake, I thought I would list them here, and maybe I need to plan how I am going to do them when she drops down to one nap a day or when she stops naps altogether (I know we have a while yet but still!).


Trouble causer? Who me?IMG_3279

1 Drink a hot drink, hot. (ah the simple things)

2. Use the laptop, for shopping, blogging, emails, more shopping.  Boo seems to find it offensive if I attempt to use the laptop in her presence, so I have to fit in in around naps and after she has gone to bed.

3. Read a book (for me) this gets the same reaction at the laptop, angry Boo, I hope she decides she likes books in the future and doesn’t remain Boo the Destroyer of Books.

4. Wash the dishes … ok so this one is me, I hate doing the dishes, Boo doesn’t mind she will play or watch or sit in her highchair and pelt raisins at me for fun, but I lie and pretend to myself that they can’t be done because Boo doesn’t like it…

5. Watch TV without the subtitles on… maybe I am going deaf in my old age or Boo is just really REALLY noisy but I can’t seem to hear ‘proper’ TV (any channel that isn’t CBeebies) without the subtitles.

6. Have a long soak in a bubble bath… this is reserved for when either the hubby is at home to watch Boo or Boo is in bed, but as her bedroom is next to the bathroom I do worry about the noise of the running water waking her up, she is a very light sleeper.

7. Tidy Up… and things staying tidy for more than 2 seconds… maybe the chaos will eventually mean that all the toys end up in their places just through the laws of probability? It’s got to happen somewhere right?

8. Eat Chocolate without having it stolen… I think Boo has had some training to be a ninja, she is super fast at stealing chocolate, even from inside your mouth, while you are chewing it!


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My Un-Beauty Routine…

This morning I had a bit of spare time (spare time, what the fudge is spare time?) Ok so I had more time than usual and Boo was behaving and playing nicely (destroying everything she wasn’t supposed to touch and running around yelling and waving my makeup like a weapon) so I decide to actually make an effort and I put my makeup on, including mascara and eyeshadow, and I even straighten my hair…

I have to say I was disappointed with the results, I wish I hadn’t bothered that way I could pretend to myself that it’s ok that I look tired and crap because if I had the time, and made the effort I would look great. Now I can’t live in blissful ignorance no more. I was going to post a picture but I decided that I didn’t want to scare anyone away.

My hair has broken off at the front and I have a whisp-y halo of hair, my foundation doesn’t sit right on my skin anymore (and I have no clue which one I should go with next) I look orange or I look too pale with my current ones, and I am going to need a lot more than a little stick of concealer to hide the eye-bags.  All in all I look like I have aged 10 years in the past 2 years, (since I became pregnant with Boo) and I look like I have been electrocuted and all my hair is standing on end. I look about as good as I feel!

Oh dear, my usual uniform of jeans (either slightly too loose or slightly too tight take your pick) and easy access boobfeeding tops really just made things worse!!

The sad thing about this whole thing is that I haven’t really got a clue of how to go about making myself feel and look better, I have never been a girly girl and so I am at a complete loss, damn those spare few minutes I had this morning!  Where is Gok Wan when you need him?

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Review – Chad Valley Baby Trampoline

I thought I would write a review of the Chad Valley Baby Trampoline, as I have already posted about how much Boo loves it here.


I love the idea of a trampoline and spent some of the vouchers Boo was given for Christmas on it, as I thought it would be good for her in terms of mobility, she can bounce on it, climb on it, climb off it etc.

Because I love the colour pink we decided on the pink/blue and purple colour of the trampoline, it also fits in nice with my living room… isn’t it nice when things work out like that? hehe.


The trampoline needed some assembly but the instructions were easy to follow and I would say it took us about 10  minutes to put it together.  The construction is sturdy and I had no worries about Boo being able to pull it over easily, though obviously Boo only uses it when someone is there with her.  Though it wasn’t long before Boo started to mess about!


When we first put Boo on the trampoline she was a bit confused but within minutes she was bouncing on it, and now stands on it to watch TV, sits on it to play with her other toys and climbs all over it, and even hugs it. So she must really love it!


I like the fact that it is small enough to be in the living room without taking up too much space and the trampoline itself it a fairly firm, which means when Boo is stood on it I am not too worried about her falling over on it, or falling off it.

We paid £29.99 for it, which I think it a great price as Boo has only had it for a couple of weeks and she has already had a lot of use out of it, and I can see her using it for many month to come.



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Living Arrows – 2/52



Sleep has been on short supply since Boo was born, she suffered with colic and still suffers with Silent Reflux so at times she can be very unsettled.  So since Boo was born she has never slept though the night, and for the longest time would only be fed to sleep for both naps and on a night time.

Recently though we started to make a bit of progress (as Boo can’t be fed at nusery as I am not there!) and Boo started to go to sleep for her day time naps without needed to be fed.  And Boo also started to go longer on a night without feeds and then had some nights where she didn’t feed from bedtime until morning, even though she did still wake up a couple of times a night.

This is great because it means that my husband and I can share the night time wakings, though as Boo has been poorly on and off since late November we haven’t totally cracked the no-night-feeds yet, (and the second picture is Boo sleeping on me because she was poorly) but we are hopefully things will become even better soon. So these are my pictures to mark the big positives steps Boo has taken, meaning that we all get a bit more sleep.

Living Arrows

Thirsty Boo!

Boo started to spit water out when she drank so we tried, a couple of weeks ago, to get her to swallow the water and say Ahhhh! when she drank… and it worked she does spit water out anymore, we where s pleased and it is kind  of cute to see her take a big drink and then smile a big beaming smile and say Ahhhh!


But it has back fired slightly, Boo doesn’t just say Ahhhh! when she drinks water, oh no… sometimes she also says it when she unlatches from a milk feed, slightly embarrassing but the big smile she gives, you just can’t say no! And also, I am sad to say, when she burps! Oh dear that wasn’t the plan at all…

Boo 2 : Mummy 0


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Project 365 – Days 4 – 10

More photographs this week, its been easy to remember to take at least one photo a day, I don’t know what it is but I am finding myself reaching for the camera more, almost without thinking about it.  This makes me really happy, and I just think about all the amazing moments I am going to capture forever!

4. Enjoying a walk to the shops! It was cold but so nice to get out in the fresh air!


5. Red cheeks and a dinner all over her face but happy =)



6. Boo is so cute when she is sleeping, and now that she is sleeping without having to be fed to sleep she is sleeping better too.



7. I turn my back for a second and Boo has followed me outside! No better place to sit than the wet ground!



8. A poorly sleepy Boo have cuddles from mummy.



9. Why play with 1 toy when you can play with 4!



10. Teething face… slightly too close to the camera! Boo really wanted her photo taken! (Wish I had managed to get both of her eyes in the photo though)




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Living Arrows 1/52

I am a little late with this one, but this is a linky I have been wanting to join in with so here goes…

It’s been a strange week for us, not quite back to the normal routine after Christmas but then not the total relaxation of Christmas either.

Boo has been getting used to all her new toys and a bit of change-around in the Living Room, I think she loves her new trampoline though!

Who needs a chair when you can watch TV standing on the trampoline!



Boo then became a bit of a daredevil and decided she would rather show off her stunt skills then watch TV!

Cuddles! I think the trampoline has become a firm favourite. 

It was so lovely to watch Boo discover, play and love her new toy.  It was like we could see her developing as the days went by.  I can’t wait so watch her spend more time with her trampoline and see how else she learns to use it.

Living Arrows