Review – Hape Wooden Farm Animals

I recent bought these Hape Wooden Qubes Farm Animals, I saw them on sale and bought them on a whim and I am really glad I did, as Boo loves them.


I bought them with the intention of starting to teach Boo about different animals, (and of course because I am a sucker for wooden toys).  We have been using them to sing Old MacDonald and learn the different animal names and noises, and Boo has also been giving them a good old chew.  Boo has also started to stack them, when the blocks are laying on their side, which is unusual for Boo as she usually just likes to knock things over and take them apart!


They come in a plastic tube which can be used to store them in, and a lovely handle with a wooden heart.  It’s finishing touches like this which make things seem a bit special, and I think they would make a really lovely gift.

The Wooden Farm Animals are for 12 months+ and contain 12 lovely painted farm animals, there are other packs available, such as Safari Animals, Sea Animals & Dinosaurs, all of which looked lovely and brightly coloured and I think Boo would love to play with any of the packs.


I paid £4.99 for these wooden farm animals in a sale and I think they were well worth it.  I can see Boo getting a lot of use out of them.  They are very versatile and can be used for learning about animals, the names and noises and are a great prop for songs like Old MacDonald.

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Review – Chad Valley Baby Trampoline

I thought I would write a review of the Chad Valley Baby Trampoline, as I have already posted about how much Boo loves it here.


I love the idea of a trampoline and spent some of the vouchers Boo was given for Christmas on it, as I thought it would be good for her in terms of mobility, she can bounce on it, climb on it, climb off it etc.

Because I love the colour pink we decided on the pink/blue and purple colour of the trampoline, it also fits in nice with my living room… isn’t it nice when things work out like that? hehe.


The trampoline needed some assembly but the instructions were easy to follow and I would say it took us about 10  minutes to put it together.  The construction is sturdy and I had no worries about Boo being able to pull it over easily, though obviously Boo only uses it when someone is there with her.  Though it wasn’t long before Boo started to mess about!


When we first put Boo on the trampoline she was a bit confused but within minutes she was bouncing on it, and now stands on it to watch TV, sits on it to play with her other toys and climbs all over it, and even hugs it. So she must really love it!


I like the fact that it is small enough to be in the living room without taking up too much space and the trampoline itself it a fairly firm, which means when Boo is stood on it I am not too worried about her falling over on it, or falling off it.

We paid £29.99 for it, which I think it a great price as Boo has only had it for a couple of weeks and she has already had a lot of use out of it, and I can see her using it for many month to come.



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Review and Giveaway – Haberman Anywayup Cups

I was really excited when I was contacted to do a review of the Haberman anywayup Bird Cup and Sippy Cup, I have had some trouble getting Boo to drink from cups and have tried all sorts of types from free flow to non drip and designs and styles so more styles of cups to try was definitely a good thing.

I will start with the Bird Cup as this is the one that Boo has used the most. It is also my favourite in terms of design, I love the bright green colour and I love the design, so cute.


It’s a refreshing change from either pink/blue combinations. The see-through ‘belly’ of the bird lets you see how much water has is left, which is handy as I do like to keep an eye on this as I worry that Boo doesn’t drink enough.

The spout of the cup is different from the other cups we have tried and reminds me almost of a variflow teat from a bottle, the more that Boo sucks the faster the water comes out, which I think is a good idea and would be very helpful for babies who are moving from bottle to cup.

The fact that Boo even entertains the idea of drinking from this cup is a success to be honest but the fact that she actually reaches out for it, and actually seems to enjoy using the cup, is something which I could never have imagined.



I think it is due to the style of the spout, even though she has never really taken to bottles either, but I think that fact that she is in control of how much water comes out is the key thing.

For me, I love the fact that the cup is simply a ‘cup’ and a lid, no little bits which need to be taken apart and cleaned, (great for timesaving!) And the non spill spout means that I can just keep it in my changing bag when we are out and about and don’t have to worry about it, or keep track of a lid. The Anywayup Bird Cup holds up to 250ml which is enough to not need refilling even if you are out for a while.  It is also dishwasher and microwave safe too.

All in all I can say I really like the Haberman anywayup Bird Cup, and more importantly Boo likes using it, drinking from it, and biting it!  I would definitely recommend it.


The second cup is the Haberman anywayup 360 and although it is mean for 18 months plus I have given it too Boo to try a couple of times and I am surprised at how fast she picked up how to drink from it!


The design means that the cup can be drank from at any point on the rim, but the plastic disc inside means that water does not pour out everywhere if it is tipped up too far, great for when babies are learning to control how to drink from a ‘proper’ cup and it really does bridge the gap between a free flow sippy cup and a ‘normal’ cup.


It is also microwave and dishwasher safe, and dismantles easily for cleaning.  Even though it seems to come apart in lots of pieces it is easy and quick to fit back together again. The lid also means that even if it is upside down in your bag there will be no spills!


The design of the cup is great, simple and I think Boo will get a lot of use out of this over the next few months, I also think it will be handy even when she is drinking from a ‘normal’ cup to have to use when we go out and we need to stay clean with no spills!



I have also been given a third cup, a very funky Haberman anywayup Cow Cup to giveaway!  I love the design, it’s neutral gender-wise and very striking looking!


The Cow Cup is dishwasher and microwave safe, and holds up to 250ml.  It has the same non-spill spout as the bird cup and I don’t doubt it will be every bit as fantastic as Boo’s Bird Cup!  For a chance to win this lovely cup please enter via the rafflecopter website below. Competition ends on the 23/01/15.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: Boo and I were sent the Haberman Bird & 360 Toddler cups for the purpose of this review.  However, all opinions are my (and Boo’s) own and are honest.

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Review – Vtech First Steps Baby Walker

I bought this for Boo on a whim, I just happened to be at the supermarket and it was on offer, half price (and when I got to the till there was another £5 off it – Bargain!!) I like nothing better than a good bargain.


I was keen to get something along these lines as Boo was constantly pulling herself up and cruising along the sofa so I wanted to help her explore ‘walking’ under her own steam.


Boo loves to push it along and doesn’t let anything get in her way! She looks so proud as she flies along and it’s so adorable. The walker works well on both carpet and wooden floors, I was slightly concerned that maybe the walker would go too fast on wooden floors and cause Boo to fall, or be to difficult to push on carpet  and she would lose interest.  But I shouldn’t have worried.IMG_2018

The front panel on the walker detaches so that Boo can sit and play with it as well as play with it when it is on the walker.  There are two settings for the sounds/music on the walker and two volume levels, (though level one is loud enough!).  There are lots of buttons and and lights for Boo to play with and she plays with it often and for a fair while, so I definitely feel like it catches her interest.  Her favourite thing is to remove the shapes around the number buttons at the top of the walker.


All in all I am glad I bought this, as it has provided Boo with lots of fun and also opened up the option of moving upright for Boo and when she motors along beaming proudly it’s just amazing.


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Review – Medela Breastmilk Collection Shells

Medela Breastmilk Collection Shells were something which I heard two other mums talking about at my postnatal group, and I am so glad I heard about them.  They were really reasonably priced, I think I paid about £10 for the pair from Amazon and I have definitely got my money’s worth out of them!


They essentially act as breast pads, but instead of soaking up the milk they store them in the plastic discs.  The silicone rings mean that they are comfortable to wear and form a seal with your breast to prevent leaks.  I have not had any problems with them leaking (except when I lean over and the milk spills out of the little spouts! Which shocks me every time! You think I would learn!) It’s also vital that the little spout for pouring the milk out its at the top when you are wearing them too!

I was genuinely surprised when I wore them at how much milk they collected during one feed when I wore one on the side I was not feeding on. It’s amazing how much milk is wasted, and it is little wonder that I had to change my breastpads so often!

I only wear them around the house,  although they are smaller than I thought they would be I still feel like Madonna when I am wearing them, and they do stick out a fair bit making your boobs look lumpy to say the least. Even though I can only wear them when I am in the house I have still managed to collect a fair amount of milk which I usually use that same day in a bottle or later a sippy cup to try and get Boo to drink milk that’s not straight from the source!

They are really easy to clean/sterilise, the instructions suggest boiling them for a short while, but I have been using Milton Tablets.   In hindsight I would probably have bought a couple of pairs to start off with so that I could wear one pair and have the other sterilising, especially as they are fairly cheap.

All in all I am really glad I bought them, and they have been really valuable in meaning that I have breastmilk to give to Boo in bottles/cups but it’s ‘spare’ milk so I don’t feel like I have wasted any milk I have expressed that Boo then doesn’t drink (she is not a massive fan of drinking from bottles/cups)

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