Am I crazy for considering a 2nd HG pregnancy?

I feel like I am insane for even writing this post but I need to sort out some things in my own mind and writing them down may help me to sort them out.

I have, this last week or so, for some reason started wondering what Boo is going to miss out on by not having siblings in a typical sense.  I have also read several blog posts which feature the amazing bond between siblings and it has really struck a nerve with me.  She does have two half brothers but they live in another country and for reasons beyond our control which I do not really want to go in to Boo will not, in all likelihood, have much of a ‘sibling’ relationship with them.

I feel like there is a whole list of questions I need to answer;

1. Am I insane for even considering a second pregnancy which could mean I suffer with HG again?

2. If I do suffer with HG do I try to take medication preemptively to try to make the symptoms managable?

3. What about the about the consequences of 2. if I do take the medication? And not just consequences but guilt

4. If I chose not to take the medication how will I cope with looking after Boo and myself while suffering with this?

5. What is Boo missing out on by not having a sibling? And is this ‘worth’ suffering HG again.

6. Will Boo not be missing out on anything because she will not know any difference?

7. Will I be able to cope with 2 babies?

8. If we do decide to go ahead then when is the ‘right’ time? When Boo is more independent/older or when Boo is too young to be able to remember?

9. No, really, am I insane for even considering a second HG pregnancy?

10. I feel insane (I know that’s not a question)


I know there are probably a lot more questions and things to think about, but this seems like an overwhelming list as it is!

What I need to do, I think, is chat to some other ladies who have had 2 or more HG pregnancies and get their thoughts on it.



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17 thoughts on “Am I crazy for considering a 2nd HG pregnancy?

  1. There is heaps to consider here – not just the usual ‘how will I cope’ type thoughts, but the added pressure of a possible HG pregnancy. I can’t begin to imagine how you sort that out in your head – maybe speaking to a fellow sufferer or a nurse may help? #TheList

  2. Oh gosh, so much to consider and I do not envy you. It’s such a tough situation to be in. As a previous commenter said, maybe seek advice from other HG sufferers who have had multiple pregnancies? I hope you get the answers you need in order to make that decision. Good luck!

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

    1. Thank you so very much, I have found a forum of people I can ask, so hopefully I can get some more information from there, it’s such a big decision that I want to make sure I have covered every angle.

  3. Such a tricky decision to try and make and so much to consider. I agree with the previous comments that it may be useful to speak to other mums who have had a second pregnancy after having HG. I don’t think you’re crazy for considering it but it definitely doesn’t sound like a very easy decision to try and make – good luck with finding out the right answer for you.

    1. Thank you so much, I do feel crazy, I made my husband promise to never let me consider being pregnant again and yet here I am! I am hoping to get some more answers from a forum I have found, but it’s definitely not an easy decision

  4. I have the guilt of no siblings for Baby too, as we can’t afford another baby and I am not sure my pelvis is up to it. I think you will always find people who wish they had siblings and those who are happily an only child. Your right Boo won’t know any difference and will always have you to herself. I cannot comment on the HG but speaking to other may help. Thanks for linking to #TheList x

    1. It is strange isn’t it, wondering if somewhere far in the future your child will be possibly better off with or without any siblings. There is so much to feel guilt about as a mum it seems!

  5. Only you can decide. I didn’t suffer from HG but did have other health issues which had me bed ridden for the first trimester. My desire for a second child is huge but I have had to get my head round being so ill again, I’ve counted it in weeks… justifying it to myself… its only 12 weeks, no, only 8 weeks, the first 4 weeks I definitely wasn’t ill… I didn’t go to bed the first week so maybe its only 7 weeks or even 6? All of it makes it more manageable. But I’m lucky that my parents are around to help look after Little Owl should I fall pregnant. I guess the older your first child is, the more childcare you’ll have – thinking free nursery at 3 or school at 4/5? #binkylinky

    1. I do have support from my husband and my parents so that is something to consider. It is interesting to consider it in those terms, I mean I was able to function on a day to day basis from 19 weeks even if I was feeling very sick all the time. So It was ‘only’ 13 weeks where things were really bad, hmmm interesting,

  6. All your questions are completely understandable! My friend had HG so I really do know how horrendous it is. I can answer that you most definitely will be able to cope with two babies, if I can anyone can! It’s hard at the beginning but you soon get used to it! X

    1. Thank you, one baby seems like so much hard work at times, I don’t know how people cope with twins or two under two etc. I suppose it’s a sink or swim thing!!

  7. I have a 7yo and we are trying hard for a second (Ross’ first). It is not easy and I hope whatever decision you come to is the right one for you.Thank you so much for linking to PoCoLo 🙂 x

  8. A hard decision and lots to think about. Potato is an only child and I really want a sibling for him. But he was an IVF baby and having another one is very sadly unlikely. I hope you find some answers.
    Thanks for linking up with #BinkyLinky

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